TCB Pictures Announces A New Project, “Justice for Evil” To Development Slate

TCB Pictures announces a new Project, “Justice for Evil” to development slate.

TCB Pictures is pleased to announce the addition of the film “Justice for Evil” to its development slate. Justice for Evil is being developed as a micro-budget film and a possible proof of concept film for the 10K Film Project.

“We would like to see if we can develop a system to bring new filmmakers to market. Justice for Evil will allow us to see the viability of taking a project and delivering a theatrical feature quality film on a micro-budget with the idea of then making it a yearly endeavor for first-time filmmakers” says Jeff Hall owner of TCB Pictures.

Justice for Evil is being written from the ground up to be produced on this micro-budget concept. “With limited locations and a small cast, while crafting a captivating story and producing it with studio quality production value, we will be developing a blueprint for other projects going forward with new filmmakers” continues Jeff.

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